Conditions of Entry & Terms of Service

Aquatic Centres

We value our Port Hedland Leisure customers. As a leisure facility, we are a place where you are welcome to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. To ensure the enjoyment of all of our patrons, we do not permit:

  • Entry to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Diving or bombing into the water
  • Photography without management approval
  • The chewing of gum
  • Smoking of cigarettes
  • Animals (other than guide dogs)

Please remember these rules:

  1. Children under the age of ten years must be supervised at all times by a person sixteen years of age or older
  2. Children under the age of five years must at all times be within arm’s length of a person sixteen years of age or older
  3. Children using the Aqua Tower under the age of five years must have adult supervision
  4. Children over the age of eleven years are not permitted on the Aqua Tower (height restrictions also apply)
  5. Children using the playground equipment require adult supervision at all times
  6. People with communicable / infectious diseases, including gastro-enteritis and skin infections, must not use the swimming pool
  7. Approved swimwear must be worn at all times

Management has the right to remove patrons who are being disruptive and are not observing the rules