Bikelinc is a free, award-winning network powered by Crime Stoppers WA and supported by the Town of Port Hedland as a community crime prevention tool.

Through the online registration platform, people can register their bicycle frame serial numbers and other details, to reduce theft and potentially apprehend offenders.

In the event of a bicycle being found, local authorities can search the database to identify whether it has been reported lost or stolen. Other users can also make searches when buying second-hand bicycles, or to reunite cyclists with their recovered bicycles.

The network has recently expanded its scope to include registration of additional micro-mobility devices and vehicles, such as eRideables, mobility scooters, hand cycles, bike trailers, non-registrable off-road motorbikes, and other electric or power assisted devices.

Keep your wheels turning by using Bikelinc to connect you, your bike, police, and the cycling community!

Benefits of Bikelinc

  • Initiative to empower community without solely relying on police effort and allowing their time and resources to be directed elsewhere.
  • Designated police administrators have additional access to information, including name, address, and phone number.
  • Platform allows for searching serial numbers without a profile.
  • Secure email function is available for contacting owner of recovered bike.
  • Profile options are ‘bike owner’ or ‘bike retailer.’
  • No driver’s license or other ID required for registration.
  • Users can update the status of their bicycle/s as safe, lost, or stolen.
  • Bike status can only be changed to lost or stolen by supplying a police report number.
  • Proof of purchase and distinguishing details can be added to profile, as well as images in the gallery section.
  • Multiple micro-mobility devices can be registers on the same profile, in one “bike rack.”
  • Any micro-mobility device with a unique serial number can be registered.
  • When registering, the network will automatically detect if the serial number has been registered previously.
  • Upon selling or giving away a bicycle, it can be transferred to another “bike rack” to reflect new ownership.

Safe Cycles - Bike lock program

The Town is giving away FREE OnGuard bike locks to those who register their bicycles and micro-mobility vehicles to the Bikelinc network.

Register your bicycle or micro-mobility vehicle with Bikelinc and receive a free bike lock at the JD Hardie Youth & Community Hub! Just bring your registration number with you! 

Additional Information

  • Due to ongoing discussion with manufacturers and suppliers, 51 bike retailers in WA now have Bikelinc sign-up booths in their stores, along with adding the URL to sale receipts and displaying banners to further promote the initiative.
  • Bikelinc is working to develop reports of local-relevant information to reveal theft tactics and trends.
  • With 60% of households in Western Australia having at least one bicycle, 9,000+ are reported stolen each year.
  • Over 53,000 bikes have been registered to Bikelinc across WA, ACT, and Tasmania since its launch in 2019.
  • Bikelinc success stories: click here 
  • More bike security information and tips available on Bikelinc website: click here 


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