Contractor Induction Form

Contractor Details

Induction Checklist

I understand that all contractors and subcontractors must report to reception and sign-in and out on a daily basis with Port Hedland Leisure*
I understand that contractors must attempt to minimise all interruptions to operations and follow staff directives as long as it be safe to do so*
Organisational overview and site tour has been completed*
Review of the Wanangkura Stadium Emergency Manual has been completed*
I understand the requirement to report all hazards and incidents in line with Town of Port Hedland policy and procedures*
The Emergency Diagram has been reviewed and I have been shown where the emergency exits and muster points are located*
I have been briefed on the location of amenities and first aid facilities*
If necessary, a Risk Assessment (RA), Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and/or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) has been completed and reviewed*
I understand that appropriate PPE and safety measures must be utilised at all times*
Access and exit considerations have been outlined*
Building Maintenance have confirmed all contractors and subcontractors have submitted the relevant qualifications, licences and insurances for the works*


The highlighted checkbox*
The highlighted checkbox*