Workout Of The Week

Bored with your usual workout? Feel like mixing things up? Not seeing any progress?

When you repeat the same exercises, week in and week out, your body adapts to the routine and you hit a results plateau. To get to the next level,  you need to constantly vary your workout so your body does not have enough time to fully adapt to the routine. Every week, our team puts together a new workout which aims to enhance performance, improve fitness, increase lean body mass, build muscle or lose weight. For optimal results, supplement your routine with the workouts our fitness instructors have put together for you.

Description Das Alternator
Focus Core+Lower Body
Rest 45 Seconds
Rounds 2-3
  1. High Knees (15s)
  2. Sumo Squat (30s)
  3. Curtsy Lunges (30s)
  4. Shoulder Press (30s)
  5. Mountain Climber (30s)
  6. High Knees (15s)
  7. Alternating Single Leg Hip Thrusts (30s)
  8. Crunches (30s)
  9. Squats (30s)
  10. Bent Over Rows on Bosu (30s)
  11. High Knees (15s)
  12. Tricep Dips (30s)
  13. Push Ups (30s)
  14. Squat Jumps (30s)
  15. Ankle Taps (30s)

Form & Technique

If you require assistance, please approach one of our friendly team members – With proper form and technique, you'll decrease the risk of injury and start seeing the results you're after, more quickly.

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