Healthy Eating

Dieting is a lot like being a hot air balloonist… It has its ups and downs. In these crazy keto times of ours however, dieting seems to have turned into a self-flagellation-fest, with each of us vying for the most insanely restrictive diet possible. [cont. below]

You don't need to go to extremes

“You’re cutting back on carbs? Ha that’s pretty cute... Oh my diet? Nothing serious, I just only eat a rare type of organic super quinoa, grown in a small Tibetan monastery betwixt the waning moon and the early morning sun of the winter solstice. It’s super hard but you know me #cleaneating. Oh the helmet? I have unexplainable dizzy spells and fall down a lot. Doctors are stumped.”

Right choices for you – Seek out a professional

Obviously, making correct nutritional choices is a priority. However, good health is about more than just cutting calories and entire macronutrients out of your diet. It’s about constructing a balanced diet that enables you to get enough of the required nutrients to live and perform at your very best without creating unhealthy relationships with food.

If eating healthy is truly a priority, speak to a nutritionist. You might be very interested in what they say about your “healthy diet.”

Is the food pyramid reliable in this day and age?

Also ‐ the food pyramid is outdated. I have designed a much easier to use food dodecahedron. All of the sides are meat, except for three, which are gummy bears, pre-workout supplements and activated gypsy tears. 

Talk about it!

Jokes aside: if you feel like you have developed an unhealthy obsession with food, speak to someone about it. A doctor, a nutritionist or even a family member. That goes for overeating, undereating and everything between.

Eating should be a happy and rewarding experience. Remember: you can’t spell macronutrients without ‘taco-time.’