One Moment

The world is a pretty intense place right now and it's objectively, the toughest period in recent history for most of the people across the globe to keep active. It would be all too easy to just stop trying... [cont. below]


  • Dedication not motivation
  • If you're tired, workout
  • If you're overwhelmed, workout
  • If you don't have the time, you really do
  • Visualize your goal
  • It's all going to happen, it's just a matter of time

Strange Times

Simply watching the news for an hour makes you feel like curling up on the sofa with an endless supply of ‘Quarantinis’ (60ml Hand Sanitizer mixed with protein powder) and watching repeats of Doomsday Preppers in your weighted comfort snuggy.

There’s no toilet paper, the gyms are all closed and everyone is working from home. You can’t even remember the last time you wore pants, only putting on a shirt for important Skype calls.

It was hard enough training and keeping on track during the ‘before times’ (that’s what they’re calling everything before a month ago), but what chance do you have now? After all, 2020 was meant to be your year!

You even posted a selfie with #NewYearNewMe, but now Coronavirus is out there making you look like a liar in front of your #FitFam.

You were training hard, your Lululemon tights were bordering on magical, your Nike cap matched perfectly, and let’s not get started on the Apple smart watch you bought to ‘treat yo self’ because you might as well go all in after everything you spent on the tights and hat.

“Maybe 2021 will be my year,” you mutter, resolving to just get good at Photoshop, and re-watch the entire box set of Gossip Girl for the thirteenth time.

Not an Option

No, that’s not an option – Not for you.

Persevere on those days when you are exhausted, or overwhelmed, or just don’t have the time – And that's what will make all the difference.

Run, jump, lift, do whatever you can fit into your schedule. When your motivation starts to lag, remember that it's dedication alone that will see you through to the end.

There's a pretty common idiom that floats around gyms:

'It takes one month of training for you to start seeing results and three months for everyone else.'

But in reality, all it takes is one second. One crystallising moment when you see your goal in your mind’s eye and realize that it's simply a matter of time and effort until it all happens.

Whether it's completely transforming your health and lifestyle, or any other life goal you might have.

All it takes is one moment.

Bonus Workout:  The Dedicated





  1. 180° Squat Jumps (60s)
  2. Squat Pulses (60s)
  3. Side Lunges (60s)
  4. Plank Hip Drops (60s)
  5. Plank Hold (60s)
  6. Bear Crawl 4x4 (60s)
  7. Hover (60s)
  8. Skaters (60s)
  9. Push-Ups (60s)
  10. Push-Up w/ Low Hold (60s)

Note: Have a 20s rest after each 60s exercise before finishing off your workout with 10s of each exercise back-to-back with no rest