How to Mobilise While Immobilised

You’ve probably heard the term “use it or lose it”, right? Well, the same can be said for mobilisation. If we don’t mobilise our joints, we’ll lose mobility in them. It’s incredibility important that over the next few weeks, or months while we’re battening down the hatches and binge watching ‘A Current Affair’ that we continue to mobilise our joints to prevent aches and pains in the short term, and injuries in the long term. Imagine how excited you’ll be, day one of the gym re-opening. You’re the first one through the door, b-lining towards the squat rack to see what your 1RM is now after your sabbatical from exercise. You do your first warm up set and … *PING*. There goes your lower back, you’re out for the season! Dramatic – I know. But seriously, don’t be the guy that gets injured day one because you’ve been a couch potato instead of looking after your body. [cont. below]

5 Tips on How to Keep Mobile

  1. Create a morning routine that includes dynamic stretching.
  2. You don’t need a gym to exercise and stay healthy (revolutionary, I know). Ensure that you’ve got a workout planned at least 4 days a week, even if it’s just doing 100 squats in your living room watching.
  3. Get some yoga into your life. We’re fortunate enough to have an amazing yoga instructor, Bree, who will be delivering virtual yoga classes.
  4. Play a game with the kids. Every time you hear someone say “Corona Virus”, get down and do a burpee (Great life hack, it’ll tire the kids out before lunch).
  5. Everyone knows you eat more when you’re bored. Create your own ongoing circuit in the kitchen. Going to the fridge? That’s 10 push ups. Going to the pantry? That’s 10 reverse lunges. Get creative. Tell us what your kitchen circuits is – Better yet, take a snap and tag it with @porthedlandleisure #KitchenCircuit

"Above all, have fun with it. Stay HEALTHY, stay ACTIVE and despite the chaos and the tough times we may have ahead try and stay POSITIVE"

Jess Maris