Our Gyms

Port Hedland Leisure operates two gyms, one in Port Hedland and one in South Hedland.

Wanangkura Stadium 24/7 in the south is our full-range gym which is available to gym members 24/7.

Gratwick Fitness Centre 24/7 in Port Hedland is our essentials gym, which is great for those who only need our core range of equipment and facilities.

Gym members have access to both gyms, so don't worry, you don't need to choose between the two.

Gratwick Fitness Centre 24/7

Gratwick Fitness Centre 24/7 is a fully air-conditioned facility which is equipped with a range of machines which focus on strength and cardiovascular training.

Available 24/7, this facility is great for quick pre/post and mid-day workouts.

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