Mo-Sistas Challenge

Earlier in the month, the Mo-Sistas of Port Hedland Leisure decided to support their Mo-Bros and raise funds for the Movember Foundation by having the public to decide on a challenge they'd take on together. After all the votes were tallied, and raising a healthy $220, the Mo-Sistas met up on Friday for the challenge to complete 1,200 reps in 6 minutes! [cont. below]

However... they're a pretty competitive bunch, and absolutely killed it, with everyone finishing the challenge in under 4 minutes (and a few even completing it in under 3 minutes)!

Now it's your turn to take on the challenge and see how long it takes you! Don't worry, the challenge was 1,200 reps in total, not 1,200 reps each, so you only need to complete 150 reps!

Please remember to warm-up before taking on the challenge and to take rest periods as needed between rounds.

We're here to help you along your fitness journey, so come and chat with us if you need any help.

Description Mo-Sista Challenge
Rounds 4
Rest None
  • 6x Push Press
  • 6x Bent Row
  • 6x Lunges (1-1)
  • 6x Squats
  • 6x Push Ups
  • 6x Mountain Climber (2-1)
Finisher (After all rounds) 6x Burpees