The 6 Tenets of a Sticky Training Routine

Start a workout plan. Fall off the fitness wagon. Start a new workout plan. Seem familiar? It's happened to almost everyone. A sticky training routine is an approach to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle which helps you maintain a fitness regimen over a prolonged period of time, and delivers superior consistency and results. What do you need to know? How can you make it stick? [cont. below]


Training only once or twice a week won’t get you results. You need to establish a workout routine which complements your lifestyle, which you can stick with in spite of the unexpected challenges life throws at you.

The general recommendation is 2-3 sessions per week for beginners, 3-4 for intermediates and 4-7 for the more advanced.

Session Length

You don’t have to work out for hours day after day. If you exercise consistently and maintain a well-balanced diet, you will quickly see results with sessions of moderate intensity as short as 30 minutes. Choosing a manageable session length and sticking to it will aid with planning consistency and help you build your routine.

For moderate intensity exercise, your heart rate should be within 50-70% of your maximum heart rate. Your estimated maximum heart rate is 220 beats per minute minus your age. The general recommendation is for you to keep your heart rate at the lower end of your recommended range if you are just starting regular exercise, and gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts. Most smart watches and commercial cardio machines include sensors which you can utilise to monitor your approximate heart rate. However for more accurate and consistent readings, try out a chest strap monitor.


Between work, family obligations, chores and socialising, many find that working out early in the morning or late in the evening are the only realistic options. However, studies indicate that there are distinct benefits between the two: choosing the right time can significantly aid your efforts. For those aiming to shed excess fat, morning workouts have been proven to be more effective at burning calories. On the flip side, the body typically releases more of the critical hormones and enzymes which aid performance later in the day. Those aiming to increase strength, flexibility and endurance may benefit from exercising later in the day.

Contingency Planning

You can plan your exercise and meals meticulously, but life rarely goes as planned. The key is to build in contingencies and adjust your plans accordingly. If you miss your morning workout, get in an evening session. If you can’t get to the gym, go for a run. If you’re sore, focus your workout on a part of your body which isn’t. If you were late to your favourite class, stick around for the next class, or access a virtual class on demand.


Your body does an excellent job at acclimatising to its environment, and over time, your body gradually adapts to the movements and exercises you routinely perform so you that can perform more efficiently and effectively. A workout which you may initially have classified as moderate intensity may no longer provide you with the same benefits because your body is constantly adapting. If you find yourself plateauing, try to increase your speed or resistance level. Performing a different form of exercise from what you’re accustomed to may also prove beneficial. If you’re generally into strength training, mix in some cardio or endurance based exercises (and vice versa).

Milestone Rewards

Express your main goal as a series of smaller milestones, and associate a reward for each major milestone you achieve. This makes an otherwise daunting task more achievable, and helps you keep track of your progress. It also gives you something tangible to look forward to and work towards. It could be as simple as a new outfit, a good meal out, or that new toy you’ve wanted for months but couldn’t quite justify.

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