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More On Dean

Dean discovered his passion for fitness when he started training himself in the gym back in 1995. In 1996, Dean discovered the art of Judo and began his extensive training in London with former World Champ and Olympian, Brian Jack. Since then, Dean has participated in a variety of team sports and considers himself a strong team player.

Dean is dedicated to community services, particularly community health and well-being initiatives. While Dean is not helping his fellow gym goers achieve their fitness goals, he works for Emergency services.

In Dean’s line of work, he has been injured numerous times – But despite these challenges, Dean has always worked his way back to full strength and fitness, growing stronger and more determined mentally each time. Dean encourages people not to get discouraged when injuries occur and to focus on rehabilitation and maintaining a positive attitude.

As a Personal Trainer, Dean enjoys helping others achieve their goals. His core belief is that with a clear goal, a determined mind and support from those around us, we can overcome any obstacle.

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More On Jess

Jess discovered her passion for fitness while working a high stress office job – Bound to a desk for most of the day, she found her happy place in the gym or running outside. Eventually, Jess decided to leave her office job and pursue formal qualifications in fitness and training to greater enhance her knowledge and share her passion with others. Jess understands how fitness can enable us to overcome the impacts of daily stresses and live a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

During Jess’ fitness journey, she sustained a number of injuries – However unlike most people, Jess considers herself lucky for her injuries. She believes that they taught her the importance of balance and the impact of stress on the body. This has given her a clearer understanding and approach towards managing her client’s goals and working within their means.

Jess enjoys variety in training – Among her recent sporting achievements, she completed a half iron man and won her first Muay Thai fight in Thailand last year.

Jess’ experience and extensive study, gives her the ability to deliver a vast amount of variety in her training to keep things interesting.

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More On Reggie

Reggie discovered his passion for fitness through military service training back in 2013.

Since then, Reggie has studied overseas to further his knowledge on various forms of training/exercise and became a fully certified fitness coach 4 years ago. Before coming to Port Hedland, Reggie worked on cruise ships, where he trained diverse groups of people from all over the world and tailored programs specifically to their individual needs.

To create the most efficient style of training, particularly when programming for performance, and better understand how far the human body can be pushed, Reggie frequently takes part in military style boot camps. Reggie is a team player and thoroughly enjoys motivating others; may it be a group fitness class or a more competitive environment, like the Pilbara Mud Run – Reggie’s got your back.

Reggie believes that fitness starts with having the right mindset and you can’t fail if you commit yourself entirely to your goals and never stop trying.

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