New class alert - 'Breath of Life'

Published on Friday, 5 July 2024 at 9:47:22 AM

Breath of Life with Inder. A new, fortnightly class starting Tuesday 16 July at 6.30pm 

Pranayama is the control over the inhalation and exhalation processes of breathing. In Sanskrit, prana refers to breath and Yama refers to control or discipline. The breathing exercises are used for relaxation, concentration, and meditation.

Pranayama is divided into three processes, which are purak (inhalation), rechak (exhalation), and kumbhak (retention of air). All the three stages of pranayama aim on extending the time for each of these three stages of breathing.

Pranayama is a sacred and ancient practice that delves deep into the essence of our being - the breath.

Through pranayama, we harness the power to command each inhalation and exhalation, controlling the very rhythm of life within us.

Forge a profound connection between your physical form and your innermost thoughts and emotions. With every intentional breath we take, we infuse our cells with life-giving oxygen, and release the stagnant energy and toxins that weigh us down.

Pranayama is a transformative journey towards inner healing and harmony, where the merging of body and mind unlocks a treasure trove of physiological benefits that nourish our soul. It is a sacred practice that awakens the essence of our existence, breathing new life and light into every fibre of our being.

If you have a bolster, meditation cushion, meditation mat, yoga mat, and an eye mask or pillow please bring them along. Also something to keep you warm, a throw, socks or slippers, blanket, or even your favourite pyjamas. There is no judgement. After all, it is YOUR practice.

Bookings can now be made via the member portal. 

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